Note: The pictures above are not representing Promised Land Ministries alone, however they are from different recent meetings of the International Eastern & Western Church Leaders....THE EAST & WEST HISTORICALLY CONVERGE...                    



               Earnestly Contending For The Unity Of The Faith Through CONVERGENCE!

                    The Journey begins…(Text) Genesis 1:1”In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”.  

                                            Subject: “Breaking the Cycle Of Pain by Beginning Again!”

           The manifestation of this journey began when God gave life to the warrior who would be the anointed Visionary assigned to this great and powerful movement of God.  His name would be Joshua”.  The Lord God loved his servant Joshua so much that he gave him to United States Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Abraham Logan from St. Louis Missouri, and his wife Elaine Logan from Auburn, New York. The Logan family traveled the world together settling down for a season in Madrid Spain. Young Joshua eventually attended a Spanish school and they established friendships with those the Lord blessed the Logan family to come in contact with. “Father Abraham” eventually retired from the Armed Forces and the Logan family returned to the United States to settle down in Hampton, Virginia. 

           As we read the Bible, we notice that there are blocks of time when we hear nothing about the life of Jesus.  Perhaps during these silent times Jesus was going through a period of development that only God would need to be aware of.  We can be sure that every step Jesus took from birth until adulthood was ordered by God.  Every step was designed with purpose.  The same is true for each of us, the same was true for God’s servant, Joshua Logan.  In March of 1990, Joshua was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Ghost evidenced by the speaking in other tongues at the True Believers Glorious Apostolic Church under the pastorate of then Bishop Ernest Quick Jr., it was at True Believers that Joshua ministered his first message and began passionately working with the youth. 

            In 1991, Joshua became Minister Logan under the leadership of then Elder Dennis Jefferson (Pastor of P.E. C. – P.A.W.).  Minister Logan served as the Youth President and Pastoral Armor Bearer to Elder Jefferson in Palmer Park, Maryland until 1995 when he was ordained as an Elder in the World Assemblies of Restoration where His Excellency, Bishop James D. Nelson Sr. is the Presiding Prelate. It was this same year that Elder Logan shared the vision of Promised Land Ministries and the Church Of the Promised Land with his spiritual mother, Queen Mother Laura Mae Henderson. 

       It was not until 4 years later in May of 1999 that the Lord instructed Elder Logan to incorporate by faith “Promised Land Ministries”, which God had assigned as one of the venues for the reunification of the body of Christ. In December of 1999, Elder Logan founded the National Youth Ministries Alliance Community Development Corporation while serving under the leadership of His Excellency, James D. Nelson Sr., pastor of the Greater Bethlehem Temple Church. The National Youth Ministries Alliance Community Development Corporation (NYMA) would facilitate Elder Logan’s unrestricted ability to cross denominational and organizational barriers to pool resources to save our youth. NYMA remained active in 3 different states with a strong presence in Hampton Virginia, Baltimore City, and the Prince Georges County MD areas. 

            In February of 2000, Elder Logan began to dialogue with then Bishop Floyd Nelson Sr., Pastor of the Lively Stone Worship Center. They shared their visions, concepts and personal goals for ministry over a period of time. Elder Logan had been developing his vision for what was known as “Promised Land Ministries”, and Bishop Nelson was developing his vision for what was then known as “The Fellowship”. In August of 2000 the two decided to merge their visions and together they became “Promised Land Ministries – The Fellowship of Fellowships”.  After 2 successful years of partnering visions around March 2002, the two agreed that their seasons were changing and the nature of their original visions would require them to refocus their attentions in different directions. Bishop Logan is grateful for the time and learning experiences shared with now Apostle Floyd Nelson who is now the Founder of God’s Vision Ministry in Landover, Maryland. 

May 26, 2002, it was a beautiful, sunny, and warm Sunday morning.  At 11:30 am (sharp) young Elder Joshua Paul Logan picked up his bible, girded up his loins and set out to lead God’s people to “The Promised Land.” The people marched, faithfully following this young leader, singing “There Shall Be Light In The Evening Time” as the opening processional.  Elder Logan was about the same age that Jesus was when he sacrificed himself to obtain for all mankind, access to eternal life.  The Church Of The Promised Land had its first Sunday Morning Worship Celebration in Palmer Park, Maryland.  The first message was “It’s High Time”!  The scripture text came from the thirteenth chapter of the book of Romans: 10“Love worketh no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. 11 And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.  12The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.” Our first year would be full of joy and a challenge for the people of God.  However, thanks be unto God, for he anointed the Visionary with the courage to stand before the people and show them how to stand strong and see the salvation and the Glory of God.

 In September 2002, NYMA opened the long awaited Residential Therapeutic Group Home for boys ages 13 to 17. The Group Home project is grateful to the efforts of Evangelist Gena Warfield who followed through and endured when all others gave up, (believing that the vision would never come to past), the 3 years of obstacles and delays with the proposal and implementation process that ultimately led to the successful opening of this from the heart mission assigned to then Pastor Logan.

             During this first year of the Church Of the Promised Land our leader established structure and a plan of action for moving the ministry forward.  According to God’s word, he wrote the vision for the people to see.   Leadership Training Classes, taught by Pastor Logan began. Pastor Logan baptized in Jesus name, the first of the sheep (yours truly).  We experienced the birth of our first babe in Christ.  Pastor Logan was installed as Pastor of Church Of The Promised Land in November of 2002 by the World Assemblies of Restoration.

              Beginning on May 31, 2003, we kicked off a week of celebrating the close of the first year and the beginning of our second year of ministry.  Many of the ministry’s 1-2 year goals had been accomplished, including; the establishment of Auxiliaries and Auxiliary Leaders, Community Computer Lab, Conference Room, Church Banner, and a Tutorial Program working in partnership with the National Youth Ministries Alliance an extension of the Promised Land Ministries.   

            On May 30, 2004, yet another celebration and the beginning of year number three.  This year would see us reach more of our goals including; The establishment of our “Freedom Fund”, and the launch of the first new Church Ministry under the spiritual covering of then Pastor Logan -  United Church of Deliverance COPL #2, in Chestertown, Maryland where Pastor Ronald Rochester is the Pastor .  This year would also be God’s time of elevation for our Pastor.  October 22nd & 23rd of 2004 would be the historic defiant resurgence of “Promised Land Ministries, Inc. – Cross Denominational Ministerial Alliance and Leadership Empowerment Zone” and the birth of our annual “Empowerment Weekend Celebration”.  We together defied the gainsayers who prophesied the demise of the vision and the visionary, as we celebrated the elevation of two individuals to the Sacred Office of Bishop (His Grace, Bishop Julian M. Johnsons and His Excellency, Bishop Billy R. Wilson), and the elevation of our own Pastor Joshua Paul Logan to the Sacred Office of Overseer.  The Consecration Service was a powerfully anointed experience, one I will long remember. Certainly the Visionary met and exceeded the primary objectives: The reunification of the infrastructure of the “Body of Christ” and enhanced collaboration between Christian Leaders.  There came together a wonderful and anointed mix of Apostles, Presiding Bishops, Bishops, Overseers, Elders and Ministers from across the country and across denominational boarders. The message preached by the Homilist His Beatitude, Timothy Paul (Metropolitan Arch Bishop and Primate for the International Communion of the Holy Christian Orthodox Church) was “Powerfully Predestined”, which in turn became the theme for the next two years.His Excellency, Bishop Logan is honored to have his friend, big brother and mentor, His Excellency, Marshal L. Thomas (Presiding Prelate of the Pentecost Fellowship Churches and Chairman of the Board of Bishops and Prelates for Promised Land Ministries) who served as the Chief Consecrator. Bishop Thomas was a part of the initial launch of Promised Land Ministries – “The Fellowship of Fellowships” and remained as a committed covering, source of encouragement, and key senior spiritual authority in the transition to the PLM Alliance. On behalf of our Visionary and CEO His Excellency, Joshua Paul we say to His Excellency Marshal Thomas, with great love and adoration, “Thank You” for standing with us while many others anticipated our demise. 

In the same year 2004, COPL #3 & #4 opened under the care of Overseer Logan, “On Purpose Ministries in Hampton, VA (Pastor Renee’ Williams Pastor), and COPL – Baltimore City (then Overseer Logan - Senior Pastor). In 2005, the end of the third year on the battlefield would prove to be extremely fruitful for the Lord.  Church Of the Promised Land was now the Churches Of The Promised Land and had grown to 10 ministries and now reached into 4 of the United States.  In early 2006, Promised Land Ministries’ “Prophetic Company - School for the Prophets” opened.  The Crisis Hotline is being prepared for implementation, and the PLM\COPL newsletter is in circulation. 

PRAISE THE LORD!  May 25th in the awesome year of our Lord 2006!  A bitter, sweet celebration.  A very special 4th Anniversary.  Thursday, April 13, 2006, Overseer Logan and the Church Of The Promised Land family bid farewell to Minister Antonio Williams.  Minister Williams, who faithfully served as Armor Bearer to Overseer Logan, would be our first Home-going Celebration. Some say it was the best sermon yet delivered by our Pastor entitled “Well Done”!  Fueled, I would say, by the intense love in his heart and his passion for seeing each and every one make it into heaven.  It was a grand celebration.  “We Love You Minister Williams”!  

Without a doubt, the highlight of this year was the anointed, God appointed consecration of our beloved Overseer Joshua Logan to the Sacred Office of Bishop with unbroken lines of true “Apostolic Succession” on June 2nd in Springfield, MA. We say thank you to His Beatitude Timothy Paul, Metropolitan Archbishop of the International Communion of the Holy Christian Orthodox Church for finding favor in our leader and bestowing with the help of the Lord and the Holy Synod members this tremendous honor.        

     Wow!  Although we realize we have not arrived at our place of Destiny, this has certainly been a “Journey” thus far.  The people of God have come and some have gone.  We have cried, prayed, mourned, and praised together.   We have been lead with courage, and love, to new levels of faith, knowledge, and love for ourselves and others.  We have been empowered by God’s word concerning his will and purpose for this corporate body as well as our individual & uniquely designed callings.  Our Pastor would say, “IF you are here…it is not by accident”.  It’s not by accident that he was called and assigned to this place and this time.  He is truly a great and anointed man of God.  As Jesus is the perfect example for Christians to follow, His Excellency, Bishop Joshua Paul Logan is an example of the process of the perfecting power, and the effects of the Holy Ghost in action.  His courage, faith, love and humility are constantly on display, so for those of us who love the Lord, all we need do is look to the leader assigned to us by God, and follow him as he follows Christ.

I was asked to condense the events of the first leg of this journey onto these few pages.  Let history record that the selfless labor of love taken on by this man called Joshua is changing lives.  This Ministry may not look like others; these pages of history may not sound like the norm.  However the Lord Jesus made it known to our Visionary…that his would be a church without walls, a Ministry Out-Of-The-Box, NO MORE CHURCH AS USUAL!!!  This self and God proclaimed “Warrior” is not building a Church roster but he is raising an ARMY!           

           The Churches Of The Promised Land and Promised Land Ministries Families are honored and blessed to share with you this monumental moment and pit stop, on our Journey To The Promised Land”.   

    The Visionary and God’s people that he is assigned to lead, are walking on dry ground in the midst of the Jordan, and  WE believe WE are well on our way to the PROMISED LAND!!   

Humbly and respectfully submitted, 

Missionary Debra Johnson

The Christian Church at 7823

Formerly known as the Church Of the Promised Land #1, District Heights, Maryland




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